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Road to Carifta Junior Chess Championships

Banco di Caribe supports the Curaçao Chess Academy during the Carifta Games

WILLEMSTAD - APRIL 2019: In 2013, Banco di Caribe started their contribution to Curaçao Chess Academy in order to initiate chess classes. During the chess classes there were certain goals created for the academy and within a short period of time, the groups of the students got bigger and the interest in the game increased; this allowed CCA to host a tournament in 2016 to result in a great success. Now in 2019, Banco di Caribe is proud to support the Curaçao Chess Federataion in achieving the Carifta Junior Chess Championship, which will take place in April.


“A contribution of Banco di Caribe to the federation supports our goal, which is to bring awareness to our community regarding the specific project and to encourage growth and progress of the project and/or organization. Our contribution to CCA started at the community center of Sta. Maria and Montaña, where the participants received classes on the basics of the game combined with specific names and meaning of the chess pieces. Chess is very beneficial for the development of a child’s brain as well as their mind set. It also promotes concentration, strategic thinking, independence and it motivates the player to act with discipline. We want to stimulate the kids and teens to contribute positively to the community of Curaçao and we see this sport as a great way to achieve this. We are very proud to accompany Curaçao Chess Federation with the Carifta Junior Chess Championships.”, said by Mr. Eduardo A. de Kort, Managing Diretor Commercial Affairs of Banco di Caribe.

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