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Banco di Caribe supports local authors with the publications of their books during ‘Siman di Ban Lesa 2019’

WILLEMSTAD- OCT 2019: Children had a wonderful time during ‘Siman di Ban Lesa 2019’ and we are more than happy to have been able to contribute to this educational week. Supporting projects that focus on the development of our youth has always been a priority of ours, it is for that reason that we have chosen to contribute to three new books for children and teens.


Three books by local authors

The first book we contributed to was ‘Nina ta Stima’ written by Ms. Mercée Doran. This book is a wonderful story for parents to read to their kids of 0-5 years old. Another book we sponsored was ‘Ban keiru i diskubrí kòrsou’, which is the official book of ‘Siman di Ban Lesa 2019’. In this book, one can find different local stories and poems written by different local authors. It is also available in Dutch and is especially exciting for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old. Lastly, we supported a book for teenagers who are on their way to highschool. The book is called ‘La Sangre Llama’ by Ms. Loeki Morales, which highlights the current migration situation amongst us.


A gift from Banco di Caribe

To finalize ‘Siman di Ban Lesa 2019’, we hosted a small reading for the children of our colleagues who are between the ages of 0-12 years old. Ms. Mercée Doran joined us to read stories, including one of her own, in the newly published book ‘Ban keiru i diskubrí kòrsou’. Banco di Caribe has different ways to impact the development of our youth, stimulating them to read educational and enjoyable books is one of the ways. “The moment a child opens a book, they have opened their minds”.


We are very proud to support Curaçao’s National Library with their project and the publication of the three books. We encourage parents to motivate their kids to read as much as possible, it has tremendous benefits to your children’s development and professional future.

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