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Banco di Caribe is celebrating their Sta. Maria branch opening with 3 donations!


WILLEMSTAD- NOV 2019: After the branch was temporarily closed for renovations in July, we have opened our doors again and we are ready to serve our customers. “We are very happy to reopen our second largest branch on the island. Our branch at Sta. Maria has been serving customers in the area of Sta. Maria and Bandabou everyday since opening day in 1992. Today, after a successful and extensive remodel, the branch carries all the modern characteristics conforming to the house style of Banco di Caribe. This branch is ready to enter 2020”, says Managing Director Eduardo A. de Kort.


It wouldn’t be a celebration without giving back to the community. During the ceremony, Banco di Caribe made three donations to organizations in the area of Sta. Maria and Bandabou. Bos di Hubentut, Sentro di Bario Santa Maria and Verpleeghuis Betesda, all received a donation of ANG. 2,000.00 to show appreciation of their hard work and efforts that are displayed in this area.

About UsCommunity Involvement