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Banco di Caribe is proud to support Art Rules 2018

WILLEMSTAD, July 2018: This year, Art Rules celebrates their 5 year anniversary and Banco di Caribe is honored to be able to support such a project that encourages personal development. Supporting and participating in projects that allow Curaçao’s youth to grow artistically has always been one of the main areas regarding sponsorship of Banco di Caribe. “We find that it is very important to encourage participation of our youth in order to express themselves artistically. They should be free to to express themselves in a way that they feel most comfortable. This is the first year that we will experience the Art Rules event and we are very curious to see how the teenagers develop themselves throughout this project,” says Mr. Fons Simon, CEO and General Managing Director of Banco di Caribe.

Art Rules allows teenagers the opportunity to learn and work closely with professional instructors who have traveled around the world and have worked with famous artists, such as Beyoncé and Madonna. This brings out a beautiful cultural exchange where teenagers can learn different styles of art in their specific area.  During two weeks of training, the teachers will focus on dance, theater, music, creative writing, filming and production along with DJ-ing and producing. This will also give the students a chance to grow both artistically and socially. Banco di Caribe and Art Rules share a vision, foster new artistic talent and enrich those that have already been discovered. Banco di Caribe hopes that this program is everything the students wanted and more – Goodluck on your artistic journey.

About UsCommunity Involvement