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Self-defence classes with 'Kibrando Gritunan Silensioso'

WILLEMSTAD:  Bos di Hubentut can count on Banco di Caribe for supporting two of their programs: ‘Kibrando Gritunan Silensioso’ (KGS) and “Brigada di Siguridat i Formashon’ (BSF). The goal of KGS is to raise awareness to the community about physical and sexual abuse against minors and women, and how to protect themselves if such a situation presents. Part of this process is to teach young women and teens about their rights. KGS does this through various outlets such as school courses at elementary school and high school, programs on TV and radios, conferences for the youth and theatrical performances.

Self-defense: ‘Kibrando Gritunan Silensioso’

Another project that KGS organized was self-defense classes for high school girls. The classes were given during school hours at the International School of Curaçao auditorium and also ‘Sentro pa Desaroyo Israel Leito’. The instructors, Debi Setven and Sarah Robbie, are from the UK and they travel around the world, along with other volunteers, to raise awareness on sexual and physical abuse against women. During their stay they gave a workshop called ‘Action Breaks Silence’ to 20 adults and self-defense classes to roughly 1,800 young women between the ages of 11 and 18 years. The purpose of training adults is for them to continue passing on their training and knowledge to other women on the island.     


The workshops were a great success and the reactions were very positive. The schools that participated in these workshops are the following: Maria College, Sint Jozef VSBO, Gev. Lauffer School, Juan Pablo Duarte (AGO), MIL, SKAIH, Joseph Civilis, SGO Goslinga, Marnix Cas Cora, Albert Schweitzer HAVO/ VWO, SAAN/SGP and also AGO Montaña. Banco di Caribe is very proud to support such an organization that stimulates positive development and raises awareness to the community on such an important topic. Let it be clear that abuse in any form towards anyone could severely affect their lives; break the silence.

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