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Swimming classes in BDC Express III

WILLEMSTAD: Last Monday, Banco di Caribe’s bus picked up kids from different classes from Kolegio Iris Bruyning, Prins Bernhard College, St. Franciscus College and Krijtschool to take them to SDK; where they take part in FDDK’s scholastic swimming program. Last year, FDDK initiated a swimming program for local schools where every week different busses pick up the kids from school to take them to SDK and then back to school after the swimming lessons are over.

Swimming lessons are an essential part of the curriculum of any school and Banco di Caribe is more than happy to be able to support this program with transportation. Aside from learning the techniques of swimming, this program allows the kids to socialize with their classmates and experience them in a different environment outside of the classroom. Considering that most of the kids grow up spending time with their families at beaches, it is a very important skill to aqcuire. Mr. Pomario, the coordinator of the swimming program, does a fantastic job motivating the kids to do their best; it’s important for kids to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Banco di Caribe congratulates FDDK with a successful scholastic swimming program!

About BdC Express III

For years Banco di Caribe has offered transportation with the BdC Express for educational excursions, school fieldtrips, and for different non-profit organizations. BdC Express drivers assist with the sole purpose to serve the community of Curaçao. To see if you meet the qualifications to use the free service BdC Express offers, please visit   

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