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Branch Santa Maria Remodeling

Which is the nearest branch for people in this area?

The nearest branch for all other bank related products and services are Sambil and Otrobanda. Due to the remodeling of the Santa Maria branch, Sambil will be open from 8AM – 5PM during this period (starting July 1, 2019).

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When can we anticipate that the branch will reopen?

We aim to open the newly remodeled branch by November 2019. You can follow the progress of the Santa Maria branch on our Facebook page.

Will the ATM service be available during the remodeling period?

Yes, the drive-thru ATM at the Santa Maria branch will be accessible.

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At which branch can customers, who normally visit the Santa Maria branch, collect their pension?

Pensioners who normally collect their pension at the Santa Maria branch can visit our head office at Saliña, or our other branches in Punda, Otrobanda and Sambil. 

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