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How can I request a copy of a statement?

Requesting a statement is easy. Call us at (5999) 432 3200, contact us or visit one of our branches. You can also download an e-statement from BdC online.
We are able to retrieve statements up to 10 years old. You can pick up your statement within two business days, or have it picked up by someone else carrying a valid ID, a letter of authorization signed by you, and a copy of your valid ID. 

What are the costs for a copy of a statement?

The fee for a copy of your statements up to 1 year are for free.

The fee for a copy of your statements from 1 year to 5 years is ANG 10.60 per month including OB.

The fee for a copy of your statements older than 5 years is ANG 15.90 per month including OB.

How do I apply for Online Statements?

  1. For your Online Statements in BdC Online (Mobile) Banking click here to complete the online application form. As soon as you have access to BdC Online, you can download the Mobile Banking app too.
  2. For your Online Statements through our E-statement service, please send an e-mail to with the following details:
    • Copy of your ID,
    • Your account number
    • Your e-mail address
  3. You can also make an appointment to visit the nearest Banco di Caribe branch to apply in person.

How frequent will I receive my bank statements?

We only offer monthly and quarterly statements.  If you have access to Online Statements, you are able to view your statements at any time and free of charge. In BdC Online, you can even view your statement activities for up to 10 years.

Effective October 1, 2020, we will no longer offer corporate customers daily and weekly statements. For this service, our corporate customers need to apply for BdC Online Banking.

How can I obtain an interest letter?

At the beginning of each year, your interest letter(s) will be sent to you for free.

If you need a copy, you can request one at an additional charge by calling us at (5999) 432 3200, e-mailing us at or by visiting one of our branches. You can pick it up at the branch of your choice after two business days.

Users of BdC Online can download the interest letter for free as soon as they receive the notification that it is available.

How to obtain a balance letter for a personal loan?

If you need a balance letter, you can request it by calling us at (5999) 432 3200, e-mailing us at or by visiting one of our branches. You can pick up your balance letter on the first Wednesday following your request.


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