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What is the length of an investment?

Investments can have a length term of 1 day to 30 years or timeless.

What type of investments can I invest in?

There are various investment vehicles but we generally offer the following 4 types:

  • Corporate / Government bonds - Usually have a set maturity date. These range generally from 1 to 30 years.
  • Preferred Stocks - Have a typical 5 year non-call period. In the first 5 years after issuance the company cannot stop and pay back the $25 per share. After the non-call period it is mainly at the discretion of the issuer when they will pay it back. They often have a technical maturity date which can be very long 30, 50, 70 years are not uncommon. Some are even perpetual.
  • Common Stocks - Have no set maturity date. These are participations in a company
  • Mutual Funds / Exchange Traded Funds - A mutual fund is a basket of investments (such as common stocks) which is managed by experts.
  • An ETF (exchange traded fund) is generally a basket of investments which is usually not managed by humans. These can be traded during business days much like common stocks.


What happens when I unexpectedly need cash?

Most of the time we will be able to sell the investment on secondary markets. It may be the case that market prices are lower than your average cost. Transaction charges will also be levied.

It may also be that market price is higher. In this case the client will most likely make a profit.

What are the costs when doing an investment?

The costs attached to an investment are the following:

  • Transaction Costs 0,5% on total amount  traded (minimum ANG 7,50)*
  • Interest / Dividend payments 0,5% of paid amount - minimum ANG 5,-
  • Custodian Fee 0,15% of the portfolio value per year– minimum ANG 10,60

*Total amount may include correspondent charges.  Please contact the investment department for more information.  

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